Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time..wish it stay still...

It's a beautiful night tonight though very hott but I got to see the man I long to see all day today! He's so wonderful to me and his smile just blows my mind away. I miss him heev and today just seems not long enough like my heart wish it to. Before I know it, time has already passed by and here I am just enjoying bittersweet moment. How I wish the day would stay still but no, God knows it can't go that way. As much as my heart long for it, it's one of those day where I just have to learn how to let go. Seems like pretty much that is just how it's going to go. The one lesson i have to learn to accept and to deal with. It's hard heev and sometimes I'm just so frustrated but with a reminder to myself, I know that this is what I have to do. Sometimes, I wonder if what I'm doing is enough.. am i ready... ready? I can ask for more time, but I really do think I'm running out of time this time... aren't I? T_____________________T

Yours truly,

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